Our company "CONTRAGUA SHOP" is located in the province of Granada, our team will gladly advise you on Irrigation, Swimming Pool, Garden, Hydro-pressure and Heating.

Our consultation channels are the following:

Using live chat, the tab is located at the bottom right. In this chat we will solve all your doubts.

By email, you can see the email at the top of the screen. With this method you can send us any questions as well as plans for your installation material budget, photographs and be able to process any type of guarantee.

WhatsApp tab, with this application you can send us any query and any question in real time for your answer or help to any installation. This tab is located at the bottom left of the screen.

By phone call, with this method you have the option of being able to solve the most urgent needs, we will gladly assist you. The phone can see it at the top center of the screen.

Do not hesitate to use any means of contact to resolve all your doubts.

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